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11 Mar 2011

Since the start of the year, the EU carbon market has been disrupted, as registries have been closed as a result of hacker attacks. In total over three million carbon credits were stolen from...

11 Mar 2011

In February 2011 Defra launched the new guidance for green claims. The 43 page report reinforces...

04 Mar 2011

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01 Mar 2011

Dr Kai Spiekermann is giving a public lecture at LSE 6-7.30pm on Monday 14th March about the role of individual carbon offsetting.  He brings a new angle to the debate, asking what our...

01 Mar 2011

UK AWARE is Britain’s largest green and ethical lifestyle exhibition, bringing together 150 exhibitors, 10,000 visitors, and over 50 world class speakers all under one roof on Friday 25th and...

01 Mar 2011

2011 has a different feel to 2010 when it comes to mandatory carbon reporting. The Cancun summit may not have brought too much to the table, but early movements this year suggest that businesses...

01 Mar 2011

Many CSR teams spend at least 50% of their time gathering data and analysing it for use in different reports.

Whilst the old adage ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ rings true...

01 Mar 2011

There are a number of standards for reporting on carbon that can be adopted, each with their own purpose and requirements. All are currently voluntary, but there are many reasons to take them up,...

10 Feb 2011

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Between 19 November 2008 and 10 February 2011...

31 Jan 2011

The EU Climate Change Committee comprised by representatives from all 27 member states has voted resolutely for the...


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  • "This might just be the world's first truly ethical offseting scheme."

    John Grant, Author of The Green Marketing Manifesto
  • "I have never been a fan of carbon offsetting but Carbon Retirement is different"

    Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR Alliance Boots
  • "I have long thought European Allowances were the best alternative to offsets"

    Joseph Romm, Former environment advisor to Bill Clinton
  • "Carbon Retirement is an innovative idea that has clear differentiation in the market"

    Jo Hill, Unltd.
  • “We benefit from Carbon Retirement's innovative and responsible approach to carbon offsetting.”

    Adam Black, Head of Sustainability Doughty Hanson

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