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19 Oct 2010

Countries gathered this month in Tianjin, China for the final round of talks before the main climate conference in Cancun this December. Amidst a backdrop of the usual bickering between developed...

19 Oct 2010

Both Ed Milband’s election to labour leadership and Chris Huhne’s announcement of the coalition's Green Revolution brought green politics to centre stage this month. It provides a good opportunity...

12 Oct 2010

We’re very pleased to announce that Carbon Retirement’s director, Jane Burston, has been featured as...

12 Oct 2010

Carbon Retirement’s Director Jane Burston will be writing monthly articles on carbon trading, carbon pricing and the offsetting market for Ethical Corporation. 

Ethical Corporation...

21 Sep 2010

The advent of  the Forestry Commissions’ code for...

21 Sep 2010

This month, the Forestry Commission’s launch of the Woodland Carbon Code  for ‘voluntary carbon sequestration projects’ caused more than a little eyebrow-raising in the environmental...

21 Sep 2010

Conversion factors, the multipliers that help you turn information about your business into a carbon footprint, have never been the most exciting of topics. Unsurprisingly, that hasn’t changed;...

21 Sep 2010

One criticism of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is that it sometimes produces perverse incentives to increase rather than decrease emissions. One example concerns the production of HCFC-22...

13 Aug 2010

As an independent body set up to advise the UK government on carbon budgets, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is responsible for advising Government on setting climate change targets and...

13 Aug 2010

Emission trading is taking a funny turn.  Having long been the policy mechanism of choice for the governments of developed countries, plans for emission trading schemes are falling by the...


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  • "This might just be the world's first truly ethical offseting scheme."

    John Grant, Author of The Green Marketing Manifesto
  • "I have never been a fan of carbon offsetting but Carbon Retirement is different"

    Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR Alliance Boots
  • "I have long thought European Allowances were the best alternative to offsets"

    Joseph Romm, Former environment advisor to Bill Clinton
  • "Carbon Retirement is an innovative idea that has clear differentiation in the market"

    Jo Hill, Unltd.
  • “We benefit from Carbon Retirement's innovative and responsible approach to carbon offsetting.”

    Adam Black, Head of Sustainability Doughty Hanson

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