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13 Aug 2010

This month’s offset related outrage is brought to you from Liberia, where a British company stands accused of scamming Liberian ministers in a ploy that would have left the government liable to...

13 Aug 2010

This was the topic of the Reuters/Point Carbon inaugural debate last week. The hosts took an audience poll before and after the debate, and there was a slight swing in favour of the 'against cap...

07 Jul 2010

Despite England's early departure from the World Cup, environmentalists have cause for celebration - for this was the first time the environment was on the agenda for an international football...

07 Jul 2010

On Monday 12th, Thomson Reuters and Point Carbon will be asking whether cap and trade is working as a weapon against climate change. Their debate, which runs from 8.15-10.30, includes discussion...

07 Jul 2010

We founded Carbon Retirement because we figured there was a better way to do offsetting than the standard project-based approach, but even we didn't realise back then quite how flawed the project...

07 Jul 2010

The disappointing outcome in Copenhagen last year left many people wondering what progress, if any, would be made in global climate change negotiations in 2010. The first concrete indication came...

07 Jul 2010

Outside the EU, the only country with a mandatory national emissions trading scheme is New Zealand. While similar schemes have stalled in Australia and the US, New Zealand recently expanded its...

02 Jun 2010

Creative Environmental Networks (CEN) is providing free environmental and sustainability support to SME’s in London.

As part of the ERDF funded URBAN...

02 Jun 2010

Last month saw the publication of the PAS 2060 Standard by the British Standards Institute (BSI). The development of the standard was to provide a common and...

02 Jun 2010

Deforestation is the second largest source of annual CO2 emissions after fossil fuel combustion, accounting for around 12-15% of annual global CO2 emissions. Deforestation negatively affects...


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  • "This might just be the world's first truly ethical offseting scheme."

    John Grant, Author of The Green Marketing Manifesto
  • "I have never been a fan of carbon offsetting but Carbon Retirement is different"

    Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR Alliance Boots
  • "I have long thought European Allowances were the best alternative to offsets"

    Joseph Romm, Former environment advisor to Bill Clinton
  • "Carbon Retirement is an innovative idea that has clear differentiation in the market"

    Jo Hill, Unltd.
  • “We benefit from Carbon Retirement's innovative and responsible approach to carbon offsetting.”

    Adam Black, Head of Sustainability Doughty Hanson

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