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06 Apr 2010

The last Saturday in March saw the most recent gathering of The Funding Network (TFN), a group of philanthropic individuals who come together to support charities and social enterprises. TFN is a...

03 Mar 2010

Carbon Retirement Director Jane Burston has been named one of the UK's most influential young women.

Jane was highlighted as a leading "eco-innovator" in...

01 Mar 2010

Cap-and-trade schemes are increasingly on the agenda as the EU Emission Trading Scheme brings on new sectors and the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia attempt to push schemes through their...

01 Mar 2010

Carbon offsets cost different amounts. If you've looked into buying carbon offsets, you'll know that there is a huge range of prices, from around £2 per tonne to over £25. This might seem...

01 Mar 2010

The registration window for the CRC opens in April. If you are included (you'll already know if you are), there will be administrative work to complete to register your organisation and any...

22 Feb 2010

Carbon Retirement has been chosen by a judging panel including Deborah Meaden and other leading entrepreneurs such as Bebo Founder Michael Birch as a winner of’s inaugural ‘Smarta 100...

16 Feb 2010

As Enterprise UK Ambassadors, Dan and I were lucky enough to be invited to a small business reception last week at Number 10. The event was a celebration of Britain’s small business success – in...

03 Feb 2010

With so little progress in Copenhagen and even the weak Copenhagen Accord now faltering, what is the future for carbon management and offsetting among businesses?

The lack of certainty...

03 Feb 2010

As we approach the end of the financial year, many organisations are measuring or preparing to measure their carbon footprint. If you haven't done it before, or want to double check you're on the...

03 Feb 2010

The environmental sector is brilliant at sharing information and, in London at least, there are more green networking events than...


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  • "This might just be the world's first truly ethical offseting scheme."

    John Grant, Author of The Green Marketing Manifesto
  • "I have never been a fan of carbon offsetting but Carbon Retirement is different"

    Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR Alliance Boots
  • "I have long thought European Allowances were the best alternative to offsets"

    Joseph Romm, Former environment advisor to Bill Clinton
  • "Carbon Retirement is an innovative idea that has clear differentiation in the market"

    Jo Hill, Unltd.
  • “We benefit from Carbon Retirement's innovative and responsible approach to carbon offsetting.”

    Adam Black, Head of Sustainability Doughty Hanson

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