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Offsetting more than 1000 tonnes

If you want to offset more than 1000 tonnes, you will need to get in touch with us first. 

As part of our service to clients offsetting more than 1000 tonnes we provide:

Free use of our carbon calculator.  This is a simple spreadsheet in which you input your activity data (e.g. flight codes, energy use etc) to calculate your emissions.  Our carbon calculator is accredited by the Government. We update this each year according to the emissions factors produce by Government, so that you can save time and be assured that you are using the correct data to calculate the footprint.

Employee and/or customer engagement.  We put an emphasis on ensuring staff are bought into the approach and understand how it's different to the alternatives.  As well as the communications above we offer to present to staff or take part in an employee sustainability day - whatever fits in with you

Marketing materials. We have a pack of materials which you can use, including an animation, a logo, text to use for various communications - for example for your website, corporate report, staff email, intranet, email signature and so on. We also produce an offset certificate validating the number of tonnes purchased.

Press coverage.  In conjunction with you, we'd put together a case study about your approach to sustainability and profile it on our website and in our newsletter.  We'd also support your press office, for example by taking part in interviews with sectoral press.

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What people say

  • "This might just be the world's first truly ethical offseting scheme."

    John Grant, Author of The Green Marketing Manifesto
  • "I have never been a fan of carbon offsetting but Carbon Retirement is different"

    Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR Alliance Boots
  • "I have long thought European Allowances were the best alternative to offsets"

    Joseph Romm, Former environment advisor to Bill Clinton
  • "Carbon Retirement is an innovative idea that has clear differentiation in the market"

    Jo Hill, Unltd.
  • “We benefit from Carbon Retirement's innovative and responsible approach to carbon offsetting.”

    Adam Black, Head of Sustainability Doughty Hanson

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